In 1996 the last 300 Z32 300ZX imported into the United States came badged with a "LAST OF 300" dash plaque to commemorate the end of the model. After the Z32 300ZX was discontinued, Nissan was without a flag ship car in the US market. In an unprecedented move they set out to repurchase, restore to original factory specifications and resell original S30 240Zs. The program originally set out to produce about 200 cars but in reality only 37 where completed before Nissan dropped the project. These S30 cars came badged with a "VINTAGE" dash badge modeled after the "last of 300" badge seen in the final 300 Z32s produced for the US market. Additionally to help sales of any remaining 300ZX on show room floors Nissan produced a "CLASSIC" dash badge and distributed them through the dealer network. From what I have found very few if any actually made it onto cars in the lots.

In the 300ZX the badges should be installed on the center console near the clock, take a look at the attached pictures for some examples for the 1-300 badges and a VINTAGE S30 badge.

For sale is a reproduction part of the "CLASSIC" badge by GZA. They are die-cast metal and plated just like the original ones. They come complete and ready to install with 3M adhesive backing.

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Last of 300 example:

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