Revised 10.13.12 by Bernie Bilski

Detonation (Knock) Sensor Relocation on 1990-96 300ZX

Getting a code 34 and safety boost? Replacing the detonation (knock) sensor on a Z32 is a involved and pricey requiring at least a transmission drop if not a lower plenum and timing belt pull. Relocation of the detonation sensor is an effective way to postpone a proper replacement until budget or other maitanance scheadules permit it to be reinstalled to the stock location. This kit consists of a new detonation sensor & subharness plus the needed hardware to install it on one of the rear most upper plenum bolt holes.

Parts Needed:

Tools Needed:


1. Disconnect negative terminal of the battery, gently disconnect the EFI harness from the detonation sensor sub-harness

2. The detonation sensor connector is positioned vertically on a metal tab on the rear of the plenum (marked w. yellow dot), you can remove it from the metal tab and give it a quick tug - typically the wire will tear and come free - you can throw it away.

3. The upper plenum is secured by 8x 12mm head bolts, postioned down the middle of the intake runners

4. Remove the rear-most passenger side plenum bolt (marked w. red dot), save this bolt for future reinstallation.

5. Position the new detonation facing toward the passenger side and use the provided longer bolt to secure it to 15ft/lbs, apply a dab of Loc-Tite to the threads prior to install

5. Connect the sub-harness to the detonation sensor and position the harness so as not to interfere w. other items on the back of the motor and position the connector onto the metal tab. This picture is taken facing the back of the motor. Inspect the factory harness & connector for damaged wires or breaks.

6. Reconnect the EFI harness connector to the new detonation sensor sub-harness connector, reconnect the battery

7. If nessesary clear ECU codes manually, code 34 will go away and you will see code 55 (all ok)