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Modification work was performed on 1995 Base Zenki 240sx US specification


Adding Intermittent Wipers


The variable intermittent feature is NOT pre-wired on Zenki models. The wiper amp is different between base & SE and you need to run an extra wire. This feature will let you slow and adjust the wiper speed down to 3-10 seconds in between wiper cycles.

Kouki models with cruise control but not intermittent wipers are pre-wired and use the same amplifier for both variable and fixed intermittent control - this means all you need to do is add a variable control wiper stalk/switch and you're done!

On the other hand Kouki S14 that did not have cruise control from the factory, it's a bit more work and may require some wiring under the dash. See this conversation on FreshAlloy



Variable Control Wiper Arm
PN 25260-1E400
S14 1995-98 240sx

also can be sourced from:
A32 94-2000 Maxima
D21U 94-98 Nissan Pick Up
U13U 92-97 Stanza/Altima

Wiper Amp
pn 28510-70f00 Zenki w. intermittent wipers (color brown)
pn 28510-81f00 / 28510-81f01 Kouki all models (color black)

Wire, tape, heat shrink insulation, solder / flux
2x common wiring pins to insert into the stock wiper connector
Recommended: Multi-meter testing tool

pn 28510-70f05 Zenki base (color black) - if you compare the internals it appears to be possible to convert a regular wiper amp to an intermittent unit by adding 1 pin tab and changing the position of just 1 resistor on the PCB. I have not tested this but looking at them side by side it seems possible.


Disconnect the battery at this time.

The wiper amp is located on the passenger side of the engine bay. It is secured to the body by a single 10mm head bolt. To get access to it you must 1st remove the cruise control throttle actuator.

Wiper amp units, note the extra pin in the intermittent unit on the left.

The connector the wiper amp is the same for all model years 1995-1998. Note the purple wire in the back of the unit. Plug in the replacement wiper amp but do not install the cruise control unit at this time.

Inside the cabin under the glove box, removed the ECU trim cover and unbolt the ecu with mounting bracket and put it aside. Inside the lower B pillar is the F3 connector and it is retained by a grey flip handle.

Remove the black plastic cover by prying up @ the 4 clips per side.

With the cover removed identify the purple wire at pin position 42.

Test continuity between the wire you identify with the purple wire in the wiper amp connector in the engine bay. If you have continuity, proceed to the next step, be sure not to tap into the purple/white wire.


Cut the purple wire from the F3 connector and add a length of wire to it. I used approx 5 feet. Solder, insulate & heat tube the junction.

I routed the extended wire under the dash along the thick metal support brace, I was able to access it by removing the AC bezel, glove box, and the knee panel under the steering wheel. I secured it using zip ties along the way, avoiding any sharp metal edges.

Remove the clam-shell on the steering column and the knee panel. Disconnect the blue connector from the back of the wiper stalk. Remove the wiper stalk by removing the 2 brass colored screws which hold it in place and slide it out to the right. Remove the plastic wire retainer clip from the back of the wiper switch connector.

The connector has 8 positions, only 6 are populated on the base model Zenki. We need to add a ground and the signal wire that we picked up at the F3 connector to the wiper switch connector.

These connectors can be de-pinned from many Nissan and Subaru applications, if you don't have your own bin of wire clippings & pigtails, it's time you started one - they are invaluable when doing electrical work on these cars and maintaining OEM quality. The Ground is simple - just "y" a 2nd pin from the black wire w. silver hashes in the connector. Solder, insulate & heat tube.

Insert the ground pins back into the connector, they sit side by side. The signal wire from the F3 connector was connected to the light blue pigtail I inserted into the connector. Once the 2 wires have been inserted into the wiper connector replace the retainer cap. Install the intermittent wiper stalk into the column. Plug the connector into the stalk. You should have added an additional ground and the signal from the purple wire which traces all the way back to the wiper amp.

Connect the battery, put car into acc/on position and test the wipers. On the 1st position you should be able to turn the rotary end of the new stalk and reduces the wiper speed as low as about 10 seconds delay per cycle and as fast as about 3 seconds delay per cycle.

If intermittent wipers are working correctly then:
-disconnect battery
-mount the wiper amp in the engine bay
-reinstall the cruise control actuator
-assemble the clam shell and knee panel, and
-reinstall the ECU and cover
-reconnect battery

Hope for rain so you can use your full featured wiper controls